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Santa Beard - Mustache & Shave Oil - Prolab Cosmetics

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Specially developed by the lab Prolab Cosmetics, or Santa Beard Mustache & Shave Oil It is a differentiated product, especially produced for the male public, which aims especially at moisturizing the beard and mustache hair.

O Santa Beard beard and mustache oil by Prolab Cosmetics It is enriched with various nourishing oils, including calamus, myrrh, olive, cinnamon and argan, which help to promote hydration, shine, control frizz and restore the vitality of beard hair and moustache.

Dermatologically analyzed and tested, the Santa Beard Mustache & Shave Oil It can be used daily as it does not pose any health risks, so there are no restrictions on its use.

The laboratory responsible for the creation of Santa Barba - Mustache and Beard Oil

The laboratory responsible for the development and production of Santa Beard - Mustache & Beard Oilthe lab Prolab Cosmetics, has a strong performance, both in Brazil and abroad, always based on health and beauty in every way, whether for female or male audience.

A Prolab Cosmetics was born in the year 2000, and since then carries in his DNA a genuine concern for some points that he considers essential for a company to succeed with its consumers:

  • Ethic;
  • Safety;
  • Quality; and
  • Innovation of your policies, brands and products.

Based on these points, the Prolab Cosmetics It seeks to establish itself as the favorite manufacturer of cosmetics in the sector, among them: hairdressers, stylists, colorists, podiatrists, barbers, in short, every professional who deals with beauty and static.

Because of this, every day efforts are made to develop new formulas and elaboration of products that can reach the market with what may be the most modern and technological in the segment, seeking also to blend the chemical industry with the fashion, beauty industry. and style.

With a plant of approximately 1.200 m2 located in Diadema, Greater São Paulo, the Prolab Cosmetics It uses this space to produce, package and stock its products and, of course, work on formulating its products, as there is a modern and advanced PROLAB Research and Development Laboratory on site, led by technical professionals, including chemists. and pharmacists.

In the plant of Prolab Cosmetics There is also a Technical Training Center, where courses, workshops and product launches are held with the presence of professionals and distributors.

Today, Prolab Cosmetics It is recognized worldwide as it exports to more than 20 countries between Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

A Prolab Cosmetics has six product lines focused on beauty and aesthetic care:

  • Nutrat;
  • Ativare;
  • Iluminata;
  • Tonalittá;
  • Superfoot; and
  • Santa beard.

This only contributes to the products of the Prolab Cosmetics, as well as the mustache and beard oil Santa Beard, are considered references in the segment.

Product Data Sheet / Specifications:

Santa Beard - Mustache & Beard Oil

  • Make / Line - Santa Barba
  • Laboratory - Prolab Cosmetics
  • Product Format - Oily Fluid
  • Main Active Principles - Calamus, Myrrh, Olive, Cinnamon and Argan
  • Usage Effect - Moisturizing, Brightening & Frizz Control
  • Presentation - In Bottle Counts Drops
  • Package - 30 ml
sizechest (in.)waist (in.)hips (in.)
XS34 - 3627 - 2934.5 - 36.5
S36 - 3829 - 3136.5 - 38.5
M38 - 4031 - 3338.5 - 40.5
L40 - 4233 - 3640.5 - 43.5
XL42 - 4536 - 4043.5 - 47.5
XXL45 - 4840 - 4447.5 - 51.5


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